REGISTRATION FEE: There is a one time registration fee of $45 to reserve your lesson day and time. The fee also includes some of the materials. You may register for lessons at your first lesson and orientation. Registration fee is $30 for returning students. 

MONTHLY TUITION:  Monthly tuition is due at the first lesson of the month or no later than the 5th. Tuition may be paid in cash, Zelle bank transfer or check or money order made out to James Spencer. A $40 fee will apply for a returned check, and after that Mr. Spencer will only accept cash payment. 

STUDENT INVOICE: At the time of registration you may decide to have your monthly invoices sent to your cell phone (text messaging) or to a working e-mail.You will receive an invoice with the dates and times of your upcoming lessons for the next month as well as tuition owed. Reminder: Tuition is due no later than the 5th. 

ABSENCES: If a student needs to miss a lesson for any reason please call James at 562 394 2694 and leave a message (no texting) preferably 24 hours before. If a student calls and leaves a voice message, he or she is allowed up to 2 make up lessons a month. NO EXCEPTIONS. A makeup lesson is in addition to the regularly scheduled lesson time. If James needs to miss a lesson he will always offer a makeup but not tuition credit.

5 WEEK POLICY: In months with 5 weeks, students, students may pay for the extra lesson by the 5th of the month or may take a vacation day. 

VACATION LEAVE: Students are allowed 2 weeks vacation and will be offered only up to 2 make up lessons. If a student plans to be away longer than two weeks they will need to pay full monthly tuition. Any student leaving the studio for more than two weeks without paying monthly tuition will forfeit their time spot and will have to re-register for an available time and spot. Note: James can not always offer a new spot especially durning busy seasons such as fall or summer. 

PARKING: Students may park anywhere near James' home on the street.  Remember to look for Street Sweeping Signs if your lessons fall between 10:00 AM-Noon on Thursday or Friday. James lives in a secured home so please call James on his cell phone number to be let in to the studio.

ONLINE STUDENTS: Online students must be sure to check that their computer speakers, mic and video camera are working properly prior to lesson. The configuration is usually automatic with Mac, however some PC users might need to test equipment. Be sure to be logged in a few minutes before your lesson to Facebook (messaging). James offers a testing of video conferencing prior to your first lesson. James will send document attachments and additional  video tutorial links as needed. Be sure to have a printer and scanner for maximum effectiveness. 

BE ON TIME: To ensure each student gets their full lesson time please be prompt or slightly early for your lesson. James does not give extra time for students who are late. However sometimes he will give you extra time if there is space in student scheduling.

RECORDING LESSON: Students may record the lesson on cell phone or small recorder as long as it does not distract from the lesson.You are also welcome to have a notebook to take notes. 

TURN CELL PHONES OFF DURING LESSON: Please turn your cell phone to silence during lessons to prevent interruptions. 

BEVERAGES: Singers,Voice Over and Acting students are encouraged to stay hydrated and to bring a water bottle or covered container of hot herbal or green tea. 

NO SMOKING/NO FOOD: For the health and well being of James and his students, he does not allow smoking inside or outside the studio. Food is not permitted. Please eat appropriately before your lesson. Chewing gum is also not allowed.

SICKNESS: Do not come to a lesson if you are sick or have a fever.  Remember James will offer up to two make up lessons a month. 

BE PREPARED: Please bring all requested materials James requires of you. It is a good idea to have sharpened pencils and pens as well. Practice!  Students consistently not practicing or not fulfilling requirements might be grounds for dismissal. 

SEXUAL HARASSMENT, PROFANITY and VERBAL ABUSE ARE GROUNDS FOR IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL: James encourages a friendly, professional, courteous environment. Verbal abuse, sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior are grounds for immediate dismissal. James reserves the right to discontinue service on these grounds. (studio policy for music lessons and acting lessons)