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To all my Vintage Vegan fans around the globe, I'm delighted to present my 3rd Vegan Cook Book: 


  • The book contains over 100 unique gourmet recipes that are easy to prepare, and healthy!  Whether you love hot or chilled soups, gazpacho, chili or hearty stews this book is sure to please.  All recipes are presented in a large font formate easy to read, fitting on 1 page.  No need to turn pages when cooking! 
  • You will find delicious soup recipes from all over the world as well as unique and fabulous creations by James Spencer.  
  • Embracing an organic Plant-Based vegan diet is not only good for your health and the health of your loved ones but also the ONLY humane choice for our animal and marine life kingdom and your choice to be vegan helps reverse damage to the planet.  Read about how a vegan lifestyle can revolutionize your life in positive ways.   PLANTS = LIFE,   ANIMAL CARCASS =DEATH. Choose wisely!
  • James wishes to thank Vintage Vegan, Jamie Jamisson for her beautiful photography for the book.  The soup featured on the cover is a vegan Irish Potato Leek.  Find other unique recipes in this book such as some of James' favorites: Wild Mushroom and Black Truffle, Potage Saint Germain (French Split Pea), Galician Gazpacho (with apricots), and Cream of Asparagus. 


The Lounge Music Companion

The Lounge Music Encyclopedia, a 500 page book of bios, discographies and rare interviews.

Over 10 years of research went into this definitive encyclopedia. Presenting The Lounge Music Companion, a 500 page directory of bios with selected discographies, and rare interviews. The book covers lounge sub-genres: jazz vocals, cocktail piano, easy-listening orchestral, movie soundtracks, exotica, space age pop and the strange and unusual. The book was honored by Jazz Times and Cocktail Nation and is currently a text book reference of universities in the US, Australia and Europe. (music reference)

The Les Baxter Companion

The Les Baxter Companion, 2nd edition biography

This is the 2nd edition of James Spencer's biography detailing the life and music of Capitol Records composer, conductor and recording artist Les Baxter. Les is the composer of of over 200 movie scores. James knew Les in the later part of his life and from memoirs and over 20 years of research comes this book. Presenting The Les Baxter Companion. Look for James' interviews about Les on cocktailnation.net.   (music biography)

Jackie Gleason's Music (music reference)

Jackie Gleason's Music (2019) bio

Jackie Gleason's Music, released in 2019 is the first book to examine the Capitol Records recording career of Jackie Gleason. The book presents historical information including biographies of session players, arrangers and myths and mis-information that has been floating around for over 50 years. The book has a detailed discography as well. (music reference)

Teen Scene

Teen Scene: The Definitive Monologues for Teen Actors (2019) book.

Teen Scene: The Definitive Monologues for Teen Actors (2019) is a collection of professional level comedic and dramatic acting monologues for boys ages 13-19 for acting study and use in professional portfolios. The book contains unique situations and explores a variety of emotions and dialects. Local play houses and acting studios have adopted many of James' original scripts. A must have reference for teen age actors. 

(acting monologues)

Vegan Tea Time

Vegan Tea Time: A collection of high tea recipes

Vegan Tea Time is your one stop guide to the history of tea.  The book includes steps to brew the perfect tea as well the health benefits of tea consumption. The book contains 100s of recipes for British high tea ceremony including: tea sandwiches, canapes, soups, salads, scones and desserts. The book contains 25 themed tea party ideas with  suggested menus and decorating tips. (vegan cookbook)


Vegandisia:  A sexy and sensual vegan cook book for adults with recipes from around the globe.

This  gourmet vegan plant-based including gluten free and raw recipes book is geared towards adults with a sensual and sophisticated palate. The book contains cheeky, sexy recipes from all over the world including 100s of original recipes by Vintage Vegan: James Spencer.  Presenting Vegandisia. (vegan cookbook)