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Web Design:

James Spencer offers cost effective web design and market media packages personally and especially designed for musicians, vocalists, composers, artists, and teachers.  Most web designers charge upwards of $5000 for an information website design.  Spencer's designs usually run in 2000-3000.  Here are some perks for considering James Spencer for artist development web design:

  • Highly Cost Effective:  Websites are custom created at nearly half the price of most web designers with the specific needs of musicians and artists in mind.  You will receive 4 complimentary vouchers a year for uploading and registering your mp3 albums with Cdbaby, Itunes and Amazon. This is nearly a $400 value savings. 
  • All in one websites: Imagine that your website can have a full store, where you sell your books, albums, and products with 1 click connections to Cdbaby, Itunes, Amazon, and other seller sites.  Your website may also have embedded video, audio jukebox, photo slide galleries, automated calendar, blog, and more. 
  • Your website will be designed by a leading artist developer in the industry: The challenge with many web designers besides the outrageous costs is most are not artists themselves.  Most web designers work for the corporate world or small mom and pop operations. Thus their websites can lack artistic flair, and may not represent the client properly.  Websites are your link to your market.  Mr. Spencer meets with each client to discuss layout, goals, style, and marketing. Mr. Spencer also has over 30 years of experience in artist development and is dedicated to making sure your website reflects your unique business, artistry, and tailored to  your specialized market. 
  • Additional coaching is available in Artist Development: Mr. Spencer helps you take your business to the next level with coaching on how to connect your website to other medias.  This is basically the secrets of the current world market.  With the continual advancements in media, many talented teachers and artists are not familiar with new trends in marketing and teaching.  Mr. Spencer helps his clients connect with international agents, students, and more.  This can include hints and help on how to get your music streamed internationally, and how to make local and universal music charts, and how to get radio interviews for your music.   Mr. Spencer coaches teachers on marketing strategies for getting and retaining students as well as how to set up online teaching.  Mr. Spencer is also an internationally recognized piano, vocal, acting and composition/songwriting coach. He can help give you strategies on album designs, making your music commercial, or how your photos and portfolio can either make or break you in today's market. A lot of value for your buck. 
  • Coaching and tips: Mr. Spencer works with clients on how to expand their websites as their market grows and how to quickly add other pages to their website such as calendars, press review pages, widgets, video, audio, and more.
  • Saving Money on graphics: Mr. Spencer has a database of stock photos and public domain banners.  Thus this can help save clients on costs. 
  • Deals: As low as $2000.  Mr. Spencer can design multiple websites.  An example would be a music teacher/performer who would like separate websites  (one for teaching, one for performing).  Another example would be art teachers that also sell their visual arts. 

  • Text and Grammar Editing: Do not be the least concerned about grammar. Mr. Spencer has two Master of Music degrees and has taught privately and at community colleges and universities.  As a published author he is talented in helping you zone in and create a precise detailed and professional looking website in your welcome page, resume, bio, studio policies and more. 


Call today to set up your consult appt.  562 394 2694.