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Studio Policy

Jimmy Spencer: Pianist Age 3


Registration Fee:  There is a registration fee of $45 for new students.  $30 for returning students (after leave of absence)

Monthly tuition is due on the first of the month and is late after the 5th. A check may be held at your request to the 5th of the month only.  No exceptions.  Please remember if you call in advance because you need to miss a lesson, you will get make up time. [up to two lessons a month]. However, you do not get credit on your invoice.  It does not make any difference if the absence is due to illness, work related, or a planned trip because your lesson time is reserved  just you. To prevent accruing  late fee or possible loss of your scheduled time, tuition may be paid at the last lesson of the month for the upcoming month, or the first lesson of the month if falling before the 5th. Tuition is to be paid in cash, or a check or money order made out to James Spencer. A $30 late fee will be added to your invoice  on the 6th,  if payment is not received by the 5th of the month. A $5.00 daily late fee will be charged starting on the 7th up to the 15th of the month if not paid. If payment is not received by the 15th, that will be grounds for dismissal.  

If a student is having a financial challenge or plans to miss more than two weeks of lessons there are two options available. 

  • A Student may pay for the full month,  receive two make up lesson credits.
  • A Student may choose to not pay for the weeks he/she is gone, but will loose their reserved time slot. To continue lessons they will need to re-register paying $30 registration fee.  Note that a student may loose their previous time slot and Spencer Music can not always promised a student's preferred time.  This is especially true during the months of August-September when student enrollment goes up for Fall. 

There is a $30.00 fee for returned checks. Two returned checks are grounds for dismissal.

Returning students who have been absent, will have to re-register at a discounted rate of $30.00.

James prefers payment in CASH, though check or money/order is also accepted. 

 Student Invoice

Students or parents of students will receive by the 1st of the month an invoice E-MAIL that will list tuition owed, and lesson dates and times.  There is always in the invoice a link to my studio policy on-line as well as phone, email an website info. 


If a student needs to cancel a lesson for any reason, students must give 24 hours advance notice or the student will be charged full tuition price for the lesson. If a student suddenly becomes ill just before a lesson someone must call (no texting) as soon as possible before the lesson. Otherwise, your lesson time will be forfeited. If a lesson must be missed or rescheduled, you can work with the instructor to schedule a time for the makeup. A rescheduled lesson will not take the place of the regularly scheduled lesson. Makeup time may be added before or after the scheduled lesson if the the teacher and the time are available. If your absence will be over 3 weeks (like a summer vacation, or extended illness-injury), you can choose to skip billing for the absent lessons, but your time will not be held for you. If you are absent for more than 4 weeks, you will have a $30 registration fee to re-enroll.

If Mr. Spencer needs to cancel lesson, a make up lesson will be scheduled between student and teacher, pending availability.

Students who consistently miss lessons or do not call to cancel will be grounds for immediate dismissal.

5 Week Policy

Occasionally a student will have a lesson day where there are 5 weeks in the month.  Students with 5 lesson weeks in a month have two options which will appear in their electronic email invoice:

  • Pay for all 5 lessons (and if ill/or absent receive up to 2 vouchers for make ups if needed)
  • Or pay for 4 lessons and take a week of your choice off

Student Termination Policy

If a student decides to terminate lessons, it is customary to give two weeks notice.  A student however will not receive a refund for the month paid.  Any remaining lessons may be used as (make up credit), or can be exchanged for gift certificate for complimentary lesson for a friend or family member. 

 Studio Policy

All students must wash their hands before playing or practicing on a keyboard or instrument. Hand washing helps to keep the keyboard and other instruments clean and helps to prevent the spread of cold and flu germs and viruses.  Please use soap and paper towels in my bathroom.

Please use antibacterial wipes and rubbing alcohol as needed.

Pets are not allowed in my studio.

No smoking in my studio or outside the premises.

Please bring all your materials weekly, a notebook and pencil/pen. 

Please be punctual to insure you receive your complete lesson time.  You will not receive extra time if you are late for your lesson.  Mr. Spencer reserves the right to go over or offer extra time when appropriate. 

Please bring a cell phone, to call me when you arrive. I live in a secured building. Or call up.  I can usually hear you if you are on the street as I keep my windows open.  

If your lesson is on a Thursday or Friday Morning between 10-12 noon, be sure to observe parking on the correct side of the street. (Street sweeping days)

No gum, candy or food are allowed at the studio.  Water bottles or secured containers of tea are acceptable. 

Profanity, sexual innuendo or abuse are grounds for immediate dismissal. 

Please turn cell phones off during lesson time. 

A parent or guardian of a student age 7 and under must be present at a lesson.  James Spencer has the reserves the right to have a a parent leave a lesson if he finds it distracting to student learning. 

Present Monthly tuition when it is due. 

If you are ill please give 24 hour notices.  For safety of instructor and other students do not come to a lesson when ill.  You will receive a make up lesson.

Artist Development Perks

Those accepted into the prestigious ARTIST DEVELOPMENT program (by audition, portfolios submission, or for those students that have studied with Mr. Spencer for at least 3 years.  Will receive the following:

  • Highly discounted recording studio rates at ADAMOS Recordings in Westminster. Including mastering, sound engineer, and state of the art instruments and mics
  • Discounted rates on Web Design/Artist Development consults,  fan lists, 
  • Admission to Saturday Music Appreciation Class 11-12:30 at Leisure World for only $5 a class.
  • Free concert hall bookings for debuts, and recitals
  • Agent services provided by Mr. Spencer (Mr. Spencer takes only 20% for engagements)
  • Industry connections: International Agents

Website, Blogs and Online Newsletter

If you would like to receive Mr. Spencer "Spencer Music and Artist Development" periodic newsletter, please leave your email in the email registration box at http://jamesrspencer.com.    You will receive a confirmation link to your email. (Note: If I already have you in my system, you will receive a note as well).

My updated website contains:  monthly blogs on happenings at Spencer Music/Artist Development, as well as my concert tours, book and album releases and signing and more.  There is a plethora of information that is useful to students and parents. My website also has a full store for my albums and books as well as videos, bio, dossier and other pertinent information. 


Spencer Music offers numerous specials and promotions that parents and students should be aware of as these are fantastic ways to save a great deal of money,  and even get complimentary lessons.  Here are current promotions:

  • Family Rates:  Mr. Spencer offers family rates for two or more family members. Also family members make take joint lessons, or small group class (up to 5).  This is a great economical way to ensure music/acting lessons for your whole family.  Rates are individually calculated pending on lesson date and times, level, and family circumstances.  Many families choose to book a full afternoon with Mr. Spencer receiving discounts for block of time. 
  • Early Morning Discounts: Mr. Spencer offers early morning discounts for adult students, retirees and home school students.  Early morning weekday times are 7:30 to 11 am.  When available.  These times book quickly so see Mr. Spencer personally to ask about availability.
  • STUDENT REFERRAL COMMISSION:  The most fantastic way to receive free lessons, or discounted lessons is by student or parent referral.  Mr. Spencer will give a student or parent one of the following:   (1)  If a student/parent refers a student who registers for at least 1 month of lessons, the student will receive 1 complimentary 30 minute lesson. The lesson is a voucher that will be scheduled in addition to student's regular time.  This is a great incentive for students needing extra lesson time before shows, auditions, college entrance exams and concerts.  (2)  A student or parent will receive a 20% commission for any new student referral that signs up for 1 month of lessons.  
  • Artist Development Referral Program: Spencer Music believes in teaching students about network marketing.  All artist development students will receive Mr. Spencer's business cards.If the student puts his/her name on the back of my bus. card. and a new student says "so and so referred me"  The new student receives a complimentary orientation lesson or a waiver of the registration fee. The student who referred will receive a 20% commission.  This is a great way for high school students to make extra money.  Or to eventually receive monthly complimentary lessons.  
  • SCHOLARSHIP AWARD: Held the 2nd week of January, annually one Spencer Music student will receive a year of complimentary lessons.  Requirements are stiff: and a student must pass theory, ear training and history exam at their level (beg., intermediate or advanced),  and present a full recital held at Leisure World in Seal Beach.   For requirements and conferencing.. see. Mr. Spencer.