Spencer Music and Artist Development


James Spencer with vocal student Kadi Ellis

Spencer Music

Private coaching and small group classes are available to students of all ages and levels at Mr. Spencer's studio located beachside in Belmont Shore, California.  30, 60, 75 and 90 minute durations are available biweekly, weekly or bimonthly. Ask about family discounts, group rates, promotions and annual scholarship auditions. Skype lessons in voice, acting, and music industry are now available!

Lessons are available to students of all ages and levels at Spencer Music privately or by Skyping appointment.

Coaching Areas of Concentration

    • Piano: Classical, Jazz, Pop/Rock, Blues, New Age, Latin, Ragtime/Stride, Gospel
    • Harpsichord: Basso Continuo, Baroque-20th Century Repertoire
    • Digital Keyboard: Jazz, Pop/Rock, Blues, New Age, Latin, Studio Programming
    • Voice: Musical Theatre, Classical/Opera, Jazz, American Idol, R and B, Country, Latin
    • Acting: Musical Theatre, Drama, Comedy, Improv, Method, Oral Interpretation
    • Violin: Classical, Celtic, Bluegrass-Country
    • Mandolin: Classical, Celtic, Balkan, Medieval/Renaissance
    • Theory: Traditional Theory, Jazz Theory/Charts, Counterpoint, Ear-Training, 4 part dictation, 20th c. materials, form and analysis, transposition
    • Music Composition and Songwriting
    • Music Therapy: IST, Toning, Pranayama, Music for Senior Citizens
    • Music Industry: Music Software, Recordings, Artist Web Design, Dee-jaying
    • Music History: Classical Music, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Ethnomusicology, Research
    • Dialects and Speech Pathology
    • Classic Cinema History: Pre-Code, Film Noir, MGM, Universal Horror, Hitchcock
    • Meditation: Pranayama, Hatha Yoga, Feldenkreis, Alexander Technique

Artist Development

    • London College of Music Exams: Performance Awards, Theory, Composition and Thesis
    • College Entrance Exams and Auditions
    • Agent Services and Management
    • Accompanist Services
    • Composer/Arranger Services
    • Debuts, Recitals, Tour Engagements
    • Competitions, Scholarships
    • Recordings: Albums, Discounted Studio Sessions, Album Designs
    • Artist Website Design: with fan list, store, gallery and more
    • Music Industry: Networking, Social Media Networks, Dee-jaying 
    • Music Software: Musescore, Sibelius, Pro-Tools, Garage Band, Virtual DJ
    • Artist Design: Wardrobe, Packaging
    • Pedagogy and Studios: Policies, Marketing, Methods, Certifications
    • International Agents: Cruise Ship, Performances, Tours
    • Audition Strategies: Musicals, Operas, Plays, Disneyland Shows
    • American Idol Coaching: Prep, Improv
    • Actor/Actress Modeling: Consult, Portfolios, Fashion History



Parker's Light House: Long Beach, CA