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I'm delighted to present the first book in the Ultimate series collection:

ULTIMATE MARTINI: MAKING MUSIC, MARTINIS and MEMORIES! is a 100 page book celebrating the history of the martini cocktail with over 150 historical and new innovative gin and vodka martini cocktail recipes. There is a handy martini music listening guide with suggested albums in the genres of Exotica, Cocktail Piano, Easy-Listening Orchestra, and Jazz Vocals.  International lounge lothario and host of the successful radio show The Cocktail Nation (Sydney, Australia) offers an insightful foreword.  The book is under $20, and may be purchased through the products page of this website or also from Amazon, or your local book sellers.  Look for the international interview with James Spencer about the book on Cocktail Nation.




Summer 2016


Aloha, family, students, fans and friends:

Spring has been a productive and creative period for students and myself at Spencer Music and Artist Development.  As we come into summer I would like to inform you on exacting new developments:  Thanks for your patronage:

  • LES BAXTER: The new 700 page biography about Les Baxter, the Father of Exotica, is now available from the Products page. Get your copy today. 
  • EXOTICA: THE COCKTAIL PIANO HOUR, VOLUME II: Look for the new digital release June 15, 2016. The album will contain new piano arrangements of Les Baxter's Quiet Village and Jungle Flower as well as Impressionist/Exotica masterpieces by Cyril Scott, Claude Debussy, Leopold Godowsky and Walter Niemann, as well as a new original composition by James Spencer
  • LES BAXTER BIO INTERVIEW on COCKTAIL NATION: Look for the radio podcast later this summer.
  • EASY-LISTENING: THE COCKTAIL PIANO HOUR, VOLUME III: Look for this easy-listening cocktail piano compilation of your favorite 60s/70s selections of Johnny Mandel, Marvin Hamlisch, Stevie Wonder, Barry Manilow and others in late summer of 2016.
  • JAMES SPENCER is currently accepting new students for the summer!:  James Spencer is currently accepting new students in piano, digital keyboards, voice, acting, strings, composition/theory, songwriting, music research and music therapy breath.  Lessons are offered in 30, 45, 60 75 and 90 min durations biweekly, weekly or bimonthly. 
  • ARTIST DEVELOPMENT/MANAGEMENT SERVICES: By audition and appointment through June 15. 


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